How does a typical virus get inside a cell?

Answer A virus is not a living entity that can function and reproduce on its own; rather, it is a strand of DNA or RNA packaged in a protein shell. Viruses function by entering into a living cell, then tr... Read More »

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How can my boyfriend get the herpes virus from me if he does not come inside of me?

Herpes is transmitted with skin to skin contact. He can also get it in his mouth is her performs oral sex on you.

How big is the typical human cell?

A cell is an independent, self-replicating structure that serves as a functional and biological unit of organisms. The average human body consists of approximately 10 trillion cells. The largest ... Read More »

A Typical Plant's Cell Structure?

Plant cells are very complex containing a large number of structures and parts. They are similar to animal cells, as both evolved from single-celled organisms. However, plants have taken a differe... Read More »

How much dna is in a typical human cell?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the heredity material in humans that provides a detailed blueprint of an individual's composition. DNA is in every cell of the human body, and consists of about 3 bi... Read More »