How does a typical virus get inside a cell?

Answer A virus is not a living entity that can function and reproduce on its own; rather, it is a strand of DNA or RNA packaged in a protein shell. Viruses function by entering into a living cell, then tr... Read More »

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How big is the typical human cell?

A cell is an independent, self-replicating structure that serves as a functional and biological unit of organisms. The average human body consists of approximately 10 trillion cells. The largest ... Read More »

How much dna is in a typical human cell?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the heredity material in humans that provides a detailed blueprint of an individual's composition. DNA is in every cell of the human body, and consists of about 3 bi... Read More »

A Typical Plant's Cell Structure?

Plant cells are very complex containing a large number of structures and parts. They are similar to animal cells, as both evolved from single-celled organisms. However, plants have taken a differe... Read More »

Is this a virus, or inside of the computer?

I think it is a driver belongs to McAfee.You should start your pc in safety mode and run the Mcafee setup software.