How does a typewriter ribbon work?

Answer For more than 100 years, the typewriter was an important part of any office. Essentially a miniature printing press, the machine works as the operator depresses keys that deploy movable type. Cen... Read More »

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How to Change a Typewriter Ribbon?

If you own a typewriter you will have to change the ribbon sometimes. If you are not too sure on how to change it read on.

How to Buy Typewriter Ribbon Online?

So you have decided that you will get 10 times more writing done every day if you use a typewriter instead of a computer hooked up to the ubiquitous Internet, but your trusty machine of antiquity n... Read More »

Who patented the typewriter ribbon?

George K. Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee, patented the first typewriter ribbon in 1886 under the patent number 349,026. The original ribbon was threaded on two spools and made of cotton. The ribbon... Read More »

How to Load a Typewriter Ribbon?

Typewriters are the word-processing work-horses of yore. Their decline has mainly been due to the advent of electronic word-processing. However, some people still use typewriters for various reason... Read More »