How does a turbo diesel work?

Answer Diesel engines are among one of the oldest internal combustion engines on the planet, and are renowned for their pulling power and efficiency. Turbochargers take all of the best things about a trad... Read More »

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How Does a Diesel Turbo Engine Work?

Volvo introduced turbocharged diesel engines to the trucking industry in 1954. Operation of a turbocharger, an exhaust-driven pump used to increase horsepower, hinges on a small turbine in the exha... Read More »

Will a diesel turbo work on a gas engine?

If you put diesel turbo in a gas engine the engine will run poorly or stop running. This will result in having to drain the engine and clear the fuel lines.References:The Straight Dope: Can I use d... Read More »

Turbo Diesel Problems?

Diesel engine have spent more than a century earning their reputation for huge torque, incredible reliability, good fuel economy and versatility. Even the best of them can go bad, however, as a res... Read More »

How to Remove a Turbo From a VW Diesel?

The turbo on the diesel engine found in some Volkswagens uses a turbocharger to create extra torque and power. This turbo has bearings and other moving parts internally, all of which require mainte... Read More »