How does a trojan virus get into your system?

Answer A trojan virus is a malicious program or script that hides itself on a host computer. Once on the host computer, it will perform one or more malicious activities, including: downloading illegal or ... Read More »

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I have a virus in my system. It is a back door trojan. I'm looking for a free download to clean my system.?

AVG Removes I-Worm/Stration · BackDoor.Generic3.GBB and .GBC · Worm/Generic.FX · Exploit.WMF…

My system is attacked with virus called trojan.Can Anybody tell me how to remove?

Define Trojan--a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful; "the contents of a trojan can be a virus or a worm"; "when he downloaded the free game it turned out to be a... Read More »

How to Beat Your Trojan Virus?

The Trojan Virus can be very common so you should keep your computer protected with Norton or Macafee Virus Program. The paid version in Norton will kill the virus completely but in Macafee, the fr... Read More »

How to remove a Trojan virus on your laptop?

The trojan virus, much like the trojan horse sent by the romans, infiltrates your computer before attacking it from the inside. Each trojan virus is different, the best advice that I can give you o... Read More »