How does a tin foil hat keep the government from reading my thoughts?

Answer Oh you are totally misunderstanding the point. The tin foil hat is actually in place to help keep your crazy conspiracy theory thoughts in your head so they don't escape to affect us all. Now if yo... Read More »

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Why does aluminum foil keep things cold?

Why is the government trying to keep us from organic food?

Because a sick and poisoned society generates waaaaaaaaaay more millions and it's much easier to control than a healthy society. Also, they live shorter lives, so the minute they start seeing thing... Read More »

What Thoughts Should a Reader Have After Reading an Essay?

Topics are as varied as the people who write essays. Therefore there isn't one or more specific idea that you should have about any particular essay. Instead, essays need to be read with an analyti... Read More »

How do I keep meat in foil pans?

SealingArrange your meat in a single layer in your foil pan. Seal your meat with a single layer of plastic wrap. Fold plastic wrap tightly over all four pan sides to create a strong seal. This seal... Read More »