How does a tequila sunrise taste?

Answer Yes, it is good. Tastes like tequila and orange juice.

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How to Make a Tequila Sunrise?

The tequila sunrise cocktail got its name from how it looks as you pour the ingredients into the glass. It is also made two different ways. The original version contains lime juice, tequila, crème... Read More »

How many calories are in a tequila sunrise?

Apparently there are 253 calories in a tequila sunrise.

How to Make Tequila Sunrise Jello Shots?

Tequila sunrise Jell-O shots combine grenadine, orange juice, tequila and gelatin. These shots have a lovely layered look that gives them added elegance.

How does tequila taste like?

Anywhere from 70 proof to 110 proof, but I've tried 110 proofs that drink easily and nicely.I wouldn't compare vodka to tequila, except for the versatility of both drinks when making cocktails. Oth... Read More »