How does a stopped up nose work?

Answer A stuffy nose often happens when the family of rhinoviruses that are normally present in the nose begin to propagate; the response by the immune system affects the functioning of the upper respirat... Read More »

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How to Clear a Stopped Up Nose?

Nasal congestion is a common symptom of a cold, allergies and influenza. It occurs when the blood vessels and nasal vessels swell with excess fluid. According to Medline Plus, this condition is ser... Read More »

How does Google Nose work?

Google is just making april fool today!. Its just a prank not real...

I pinch my nose to get it pointier does it work?

It is possible to change the shape of your face, nose, even penis if you were a man, (Oops.. I think you are.) simply by force over time... This is how people stretch huge holes in their earlobes a... Read More »

How bad does a nose job hurt Do they really break your nose while you're awake?

you will be in general anesthesia so you wont feel a thing.I suggest trying out nasofix first as it worked for me. Was also scheduled for rhinoplasty but I tried out the device and it really did fi... Read More »