How does a space blanket work?

Answer Space blankets are used in emergency situations when no other means of protection are available. They do not help a person to get warm, but they will help a person to stay warm. Space blankets are ... Read More »

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How many watts does an electric blanket need to work?

An electric blanket uses between 150 and 200 watts when on high. If the blanket is dual control and only one side is on, it uses about half that amount. Wattage can be cut by about half again if th... Read More »

Which is more dangerous, a space heater or an electric blanket?

Neither. I used to live in upstate NY in an attic with no ducted heating. I used both an electric blanket and space heater.Your dog could be an issue with the space heater. Get a ceramic type with ... Read More »

How does a space center work?

Like everywhere else on the surface of the Earth, the force of gravity is 9.8 Nkg-1. The astronauts on the Shuttle lift-off experience a gravitational-pull "G-Force" of not more than 3-g's (accele... Read More »

Does a vacuum cleaner work in space?

No. First of all it wouldn't stay on the ground. and why would you need to vacuum? A vacuum cleaner depends on a difference in air pressure to operate. With no air pressure in space, there could be... Read More »