How does a sod cutter work?

Answer A sod cutter works by slipping just under grass roots and slicing off a section of the lawn. You can then transfer that piece of sod to another section of the garden or discard it.Similar to a Shov... Read More »

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How to Work a Corn Cutter Callus Remover Tool?

Using a corn and callus cutter is an easy and inexpensive way to remove unattractive and/or uncomfortable hardened skin from your feet. Although removing skin from your body may seem painful or sca... Read More »

Is it wrong for a cutter to tell on a cutter?

No it's not wrong. I've been in this situation before and I thought it was wrong to tell on my friend when I'm dong the same thing as her. but you need to help her. Absolutely get help for her. be ... Read More »

How do I use a sod cutter?

Cutting SodPlace the bar where you want it. The bar determines how deep you cut. Go at least an inch down to get the grass roots. The goal is to get the grass and the top layer of the grass roots w... Read More »

DIY Mat Cutter?

Mat cutters are used to cut perfectly square pieces of mat board for framing. The inside cuts can be both straight and beveled. Commercial mat cutters provide a cutting blade that can be tilted to ... Read More »