How does a smart meter work in a Toronto Hydro?

Answer Toronto Hydro Electric System, usually referred to simply as Toronto Hydro, distributes electricity around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto Hydro will be replacing all old meters with smart ... Read More »

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Definition of a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a digital device that records the amount of electricity or gas you use and transmits this information to your utility provider. Smart meters allow flexible rates to be applied depe... Read More »

How do I apply for a work visa in Toronto, Canada?

Job OfferFind a job in Toronto. To be granted a work visa in Canada, you will have to have a job in Canada. You will need a work contract or some other documentation stating that you have a valid j... Read More »

Do Schick Hydro Blades work in a Schick Quattro Razor?

I just tried this today and the answer is no, Shick Hydro blades did not work in my Schick Quattro razor. Also, the Quattro blades did not work in the Hydro razor.

What to Do When an Auto Meter Temperature Gauge Does Not Work?

Auto Meter is a well known, high quality manufacturer that specializes in gauge systems. Auto Meter produces replica gauges for antique applications and newer style gauges for a custom look. Instal... Read More »