How does a sink drain work?

Answer The function of a sink drain is to lead the wastewater to the main drain before it reaches the sewer. Sink drains handle both wastewater and solid waste. Some special parts, such as traps and clean... Read More »

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Does the kitchen sink drain into a washing machine drain pipe?

On One Hand: Washing Machine Drains Are Large EnoughThe washing machine drains water into an open plumbing drain that empties into the main house drain and eventually into the sewer. The drain pipe... Read More »

How to Install a Sink Drain in a Porcelain Sink?

Bathroom and kitchen sink drains are installed in the same way regardless of whether the sink is porcelain or stainless steel. To install a drain in a porcelain bathroom sink, you begin inside the ... Read More »

Why does dishwasher water drain out backing into the sink?

Why does a dish washing machine drain through the sink?

Dish washers usually drain through the sink because of simple logistics associated with their installation. The appliance is located near the sink in the kitchen because this is the center for clea... Read More »