How does a ship's clock chime for the hours?

Answer Created in order to announce the watches for sailors in four-hour increments, a ship's clock chimes in a repeated sequence every four hours over a 24-hour period, enabling a sailor to be able to te... Read More »

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Does the chime key of a Chime clock have to be wound in order for the pendulum to swing?

Clocks have a special oil applied to the gears when they are new, or cleaned. Dust and dirt accumulate on them and a professional cleaning is recommended once every few years. When they get dirty, ... Read More »

When does a clock chime midnight?

A clock chimes midnight at exactly 12:00 A.M. In reality, morning does not begin until 12:00:01 A.M., so clocks begin chiming during the second of space between night and morning.References:Greenwi... Read More »

How to Change the Clock Chime on a Mac?

A busy schedule in the home can make a good calendar a necessity. Sometimes there is so much going on you need different reminders for different kinds of events. The Mac has a number of chimes you ... Read More »

How to Correct Chime Clock Timing?

If you have an old chiming clock, chances are it may have some small defects, especially if it has not been maintained well over the years. One of the most common problems in these clocks is unsync... Read More »