How does a sewing awl work?

Answer Awls feature a point tip and a sturdy handle. The primary purpose of an awl is to punch holes in a variety of materials. You can use a sewing awl to stitch up holes in your favorite pair of shoes o... Read More »

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How to Work from Home Sewing?

Clothing designers, dry cleaners and even some manufacturers employ seamstresses and tailors. The trend is moving more from the factory setting to hiring work-at-home sewers. Here are some tips on ... Read More »

How did the original sewing machines work?

Sewing machines first appeared in the late 18th century. Inventors continued to come up with ways to improve the machine throughout the 19th century. The earliest machines only used one thread, cou... Read More »

How did the Isaac Singer sewing machines work?

Isaac Merritt Singer (1811-1875) made improvements on existing sewing machines to make them a more practical investment for the average family.Needle ArmSinger's first innovation was the arm that h... Read More »

What sewing needle should I use on the sewing machine with 100 percent polyester?

When sewing 100 percent woven polyester fabric, use a universal-type needle in a size appropriate for the weight of your fabric. When sewing on a 100 percent polyester knit fabric, use a ballpoint... Read More »