How does a server work and what does it do?

Answer A server is a term for a computer that offers 'services' - often to lots of other computers.For example, a web 'server' could be your PC running web server software. A lot of computers running we... Read More »

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Tekkit Server how to work?

You also need to forward your ports. Just search up what type of router you use, and then how to port forward. Then I'd uninstall Norton because it's actually really bad, then get Malwarebytes.

Why won't my minecraft server work?

You are probably giving your friends your local IP and not your External IP.The local IP is just for your home network, used by your router to identify your computer.Your External IP is used for ou... Read More »

How does a computer server work?

A company with a computer network has at least one computer server. There are many ways to use a computer server including information administration, Internet monitoring and email gateway.Identifi... Read More »

How well would linux work for an office server?

As far a preconfigured linux servers, I believe dell, HP, and IBM sell them. However, I have no experience with those.Linux works wonderfully as an office server, I've got one in my office I use as... Read More »