How does a sequencer work?

Answer Considering all that sequencers are capable of, including recording and editing musical performances, it's no wonder they are considered one of the latest and greatest tools in a musician's studio.... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of a Sequencer?

Sequencers appear in a number of different basic forms. The earliest ones were stand-alone hardware units that were connected to synthesizers. Later, synthesizers and music workstations came with s... Read More »

Can the Roland D-20 keyboard be used with the MC-500 sequencer?

The Roland D-20 keyboard can be used with the Roland MC-500 sequencer. To connect the D-20 to the MC-500 you will need MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) cables to connect the devices tog... Read More »

How to Use a Kurzweil K2600 With a Computer Sequencer?

A computer sequencer is a multi-track audio recorder and editor. Attaching the 76-key Kurzweil K2600 model keyboard using the musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) allows you to control the c... Read More »

What their favorite plugs that you use in your sequencer for voices?

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