How does a seed grow into a flower?

Answer Fascinating for both children and adults, the journey of a small seed into a plant almost seems magical. But there are very definite botanical processes at work that transform seeds into stunning f... Read More »

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Does a tulip flower turn into a seed pod?

Yes, a tulip flower will develop into a seed pod if the flower is successfully pollinated. If left on the plant until fall, the seed pod will mature, turn brown and begin to split open. At this po... Read More »

Which part of the flower develops into the seed?

Flowers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but all have the same basic features. Female flowers contain ovaries that hold many small egg-shaped ovules. When fertilized by a male fl... Read More »

How long it takes for grass seed to grow into a lawn?

The germination time of different lawn grasses varies. Most germinate from six to 14 days. It is recommended not to cut the new grass until it is 3 inches high. The whole process from seed to cutti... Read More »

Can an edible seed grow into a plant when planted in soil?

if you have sunflower seeds that are flavored they will not grow Answer Some will and some won't. Often seeds sold for consumption are doused with flavors, chemicals, or salt which may prevent it... Read More »