How does a scanner work?

Answer Hello,SCANNERS today are passe or (History), for most computer users.But if you still need to use a SCANNER, then you must have the CD software that came with that scanner. Then you would have to u... Read More »

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My scanner does not work.?

Reinstall scanner software. Or buy new one!

How does the 2D bar code scanner work?

Barcodes date from the late 1940's and are just a machine readable representation of data.There are loads of different forms of barcodes - around 20 linear ones (the type usually found on cans of f... Read More »

Film scanner how does it work?

Could I suggest you download and install FastStone Image Viewer? This is a FREE programme that will allow you to convert your scanned negatives into positive images. i.e. to photos.If you don't as... Read More »

For anyone who has used the virus scanner/fixer (PCmatic)...Does it work and does it leave any viruses/cookies?

I tried it once a very long time ago. I wasn't impressed and removed it straight away. It was so long ago that I don't remember why I didn't keep it.It's not going to install any viruses. As to the... Read More »