How does a robin know when her babies are ready to fly?

Answer The American robin is one of the most recognized birds in America and also a very common bird. Most children even recognize the red-breasted bird that digs for worms come spring. Learning to fly is... Read More »

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Most babies are ready to start solid food when?

They can hold their head up with good control

How to Know when You're Ready for a Bra?

For girls to know when your ready for your first bra, read on!

How do i know when a pimple is ready to pop?

Yes because that is the pus that is ready to come out after fighting off the bacteria. You did a smart thing by putting on the hot rag, but it would have been smarter to pop it, then put the rag on... Read More »

How will I know when I'm ready?

i can't answer that question for you, camira...especially under the circumstances. i would say that NOT watching the video will not lessen your pain. by NOT watching it, it will not make the pain... Read More »