How does a remote start on a car work?

Answer Automatic car starters are an aftermarket add-on for your car. A convenient gadget, they allow you flexibility on days with extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Install them yourself or have a ... Read More »

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Remote control don't work in a remote start system?

Make sure there is power to the fan, meaning the circuit is hot. Make sure it is turned on! Make sure the batteries in the remote are good.

Will a remote start work on a car with a carburetor?

Remote car starters are ideally made to use with cars that have fuel-injection engines. Even when following the manufacturer's directions for installing the starter in a car with a carburetor, it's... Read More »

Bought a coby tv and it's not on the list to program to the remote Does anyone know who makes coby or how to get your tv to work with the Direct TV remote?

AnswerCodes are remote control specific. Use your remote control manual (or your cable company guide) to find the code for your brand tv. If there is no code for your tv alot of times another manuf... Read More »

OKI Television remote. Does anyone know the key code to make the sky remote work the television?

press the intractive button ur remote.. then go to remote setup.. and that will have all the TV list names and the codes... if it aint there then it refers you to the sky customer service.. but che... Read More »