How does a refrigerator work?

Answer The design of the household fridge is based around two things that you will have experienced. 1. If you wet your skin then after a short time your skin will feel cold. This is because when a liqui... Read More »

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How does the VW camper Westphalia refrigerator work?

Answer I saw the answer to this at - there is even a .pdf file about the Dometic refrig. if that's the one you have. Good luck!

Why does only the freezer work on your refrigerator?

Typically the temperature should be under 40 degrees F.

Will a refrigerator work without a filter?

According to Whirlpool, it is not mandatory for a refrigerator to have a filter. In most units the filter is easy to take out. However the filter is used to help filter the water that the unit uses... Read More »

How much work is done when a 700 N refrigerator is lifted straight up a distance of 4 meters in joules?

Work is done in lifting is equal to work done in opposing gravity. Work done in opposing gravity = weight times distance = 700 x 4 =2800 joules