How does a refrigerator keep food fresh ?

Answer Low temperatures slows down the metabolism of bacteria so they do not manufacture the toxins that make you sick. They also do not reproduce as quickly as they would at warmer temps.

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How long will leftover food stay fresh in the refrigerator?

3 - 5 DaysLeftovers must go in the fridge within two hours of serving to reduce your risk of food-borne illnesses, because bacteria grow more quickly at room temperature. Don't leave leftovers out.... Read More »

How long does fresh fish stay fresh in the refrigerator after being frozen?

In USA, what do you mean by saying "Fresh Food, Fresh Meat, Fresh vegetables"?

Fresh usually denotes 'unprocessed food that hasn't been around long enough to have turned bad. Even "fresh from the vine' doesn't mean it was picked that day. On the contrary, Americans statistica... Read More »

Does fresh dill go bad in the refrigerator?

Any produce, including fresh herbs, will go bad eventually, even in the refrigerator. If the dill is dried, then it can be stored much longer in a tightly sealed container.