How does a refrigeration cycle work?

Answer As it is a cycle we can start it from anywhere The refrigeration cycle consists of four major parts. 1. Evaporator 2. Compressor 3. Condenser 4. Expansion valve/ Throttling device Lets start ... Read More »

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Define flash gas and how it applies to the net refrigeration effect of the refrigeration cycle?

FLASH GAS - Instantaneous evaporation of some liquid refrigerant at the metering device due to pressure drop which cools the remaining liquid refrigerant to desired evaporation temperature.This fla... Read More »

When&where did john gorrie invent the air-cycle refrigeration system?

John Gorrie was a physician in Apalachicola, Florida, when he formed a theory that cold air was good for his patients. He used ice blocks to cool the air in his clinic. In 1845, he quit practicing ... Read More »

Can i work on farm refrigeration equipment with a 609 certification?

On One Hand: Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems609 certification allows you to work on the refrigeration systems for motor vehicles. It also allows you to purchase the refrigerants that are use... Read More »

How Does 2 Cycle Motor Oil Work?

In weed trimmers and other small engines, two-cycle engines require different oil and different procedures than the four-cycle engines used in cars and lawn tractors. A mixture of a specially blend... Read More »