How does a rain drain work?

Answer A rain drain prevents water from accumulating around the foundation walls of a building. Because a rain drain is designed to carry water away from a building, it helps deter water from leaking into... Read More »

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Can water from a French drain go into a rain garden?

On One Hand: Could be ToxicA French drain captures ground and rain water and directs it away from homes in order to reduce the chances of flooding. This water might fall directly from the sky, migh... Read More »

How do you drain excessive rain water from an inground gunite pool?

I have found that hooking up a sump pump to the vacuum hose itself not only drains it but it does so pretty quickly. We do this every spring. You may just need to keep an occasional eye on any leav... Read More »

How Does Rain X Work?

Markers are easy for art students to manipulate and may be used in place of paints for several art projects. Even dried-out markers may be dipped into water and used to create a masterpiece of your... Read More »

How Do Rain Sensing Wipers Work?

Rain sensing windshield wipers provide ease and convenience for the driver, especially during inconsistent weather. They automatically sense any kind of vision-impairing precipitation and adjust sp... Read More »