How does a prius get here from japan?

Answer The Toyota Prius is manufactured in the famous "Toyota City" industrial complex located in Tsutsumi, Japan, and has a long way to go before it reaches the U.S.Usually by SeaLike all vehicles that a... Read More »

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Yahoo japan app from outside japan Non google play market ?

Hello, well I am experiencing the same issue and haven't been able to solve it. Yahoo japan does not care about countrymen living outside home. I doubt you will get help . I lost my hope so I chec... Read More »

Which Asian country is better in your opinon today economy wise China or japan please saty china it makes anime better then japan?

Should i buy a prius now?

On One Hand: Features and EfficiencyThe Toyota Prius features Smart Key technology, power windows, a dashboard mounted camera, A/C, cruise control and more, all standard. The Prius Hybrid uses less... Read More »

Can the Prius be towed?

According to Toyota, the Prius can be towed provided that its front wheels are lifted off the ground. Toyota warns that failing to follow these instructions could result in damage to the car's hybr... Read More »