How does a port a potty work?

Answer A port-o-potty, also known as a portable toilet, is a mobile lavatory facility that can be transported by a trailer or truck from one place to another.Reasons for UsePortable toilets are necessary ... Read More »

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Why does my microphone port work as headphone port?

I have done this many times myself when i was younger and recording videos for Youtube, my conclusion is that these two ports are identical in every way except for the colours(or icons) around them... Read More »

What is this game show called I've seen it once and people with guts do stupid things for money while talking via headset to the host ex Lean out a port-a-potty and ask a stranger for a magazine?

What should you do if your 3-year-old will poop in the potty but will not pee in the potty and you are getting pressure from his school to the point that the director suggested you spank or punish him?

Answer tell him that the potty is for both and reward him for using the potty for both. when he doesn't, make him sit on the potty for 5 minutes, its cold, its hard, but its not a spanking. expl... Read More »

How can you potty train a 3 year old girl that wont use the potty?

you say if u go to the bathroom i will give u a treat usually this works