How does a mobile phone vibrate?

Answer it is caused by a tiny motor, with an offset weight attached to it. When your phone rings, the motor engages, spinning the weight and causing the vibration

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Why does my phone randomly vibrate?

Because it wants to sex you up.-fabioSorry…just had to say that. But check to see if you have any apps installed that give notifications such as ones that monitor the battery power, email apps, r... Read More »

How to Get an LG Phone off of Vibrate Only?

Most LG phones have a vibrate mode shortcut button on the keypad. The vibrate mode button is easy to press by accident. Once vibrate mode is enabled on the phone, no amount of adjusting the volume ... Read More »

Why Does My Car Vibrate on the Highway?

Determining the cause of vibration in a moving vehicle can be a frustrating endeavor. Because there are so many moving parts in a vehicle, tracking down the source of the vibration can prove diffic... Read More »

Why Does My Car Vibrate at High Speeds?

Car vibrations at high speeds can be caused by several problems. Most of them are felt in the steering wheel and can be traced to the front end of the car. Vibrations at high speeds can lead to tir... Read More »