How does a pet containment system work?

Answer A pet containment system is an invisible, electronic fence that keeps your pet contained within a certain area such as your yard.DetailsThe pet containment system consists of an underground wire pl... Read More »

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How does a wireless pet containment system work?

A wireless pet containment system, sometimes called an "invisible fence," is an aid for training your pet to stay within a set boundary outdoors. Because many dog breeds like to roam, dog owners ar... Read More »

How does the skeletal system work with the respiratory system?

The human skeletal system is a network of bones. These bones are living tissue that provide the shape and form of the human body, protect internal organs and produce blood cells. Its functions sup... Read More »

How does the excretory system work with the digestive system?

Though the human digestive and excretory systems perform distinctly separate functions, they work together to ensure proper nutrition and body safety. These two systems cooperate to efficiently rem... Read More »

How does the digestive system work with the excretory system?

The carbohydrates, fats, proteins and liquids people consume on a daily basis are broken down into two categories; one is nutrients the body uses for energy and the other, harmful toxins it filters... Read More »