How does a pet containment system work?

Answer A pet containment system is an invisible, electronic fence that keeps your pet contained within a certain area such as your yard.DetailsThe pet containment system consists of an underground wire pl... Read More »

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How does a wireless pet containment system work?

A wireless pet containment system, sometimes called an "invisible fence," is an aid for training your pet to stay within a set boundary outdoors. Because many dog breeds like to roam, dog owners ar... Read More »

I have an LG home theatre system but the surround system does not work with the receiver or any file from usb?

Unless the signal from the other audio devices contains a 5.1 signal, it will not output a true 5.1 sound. There is usually an option on the controller to emulate 5.1 sound.

How do you hook up a HD tv and Blue Ray system and digital cable box to have the surround sound system work all the time?

Connect the AUDIO INPUT of the Sound system to the AUDIO OUTPUT of the TV set. Connect the Cable Box to the #1 VIDEO input on the TV. Connect the BLUE RAY to the #2 VIDEO input of the TV set. The T... Read More »

Will an ADT security system work with a Vonage phone system?

Both ADT Security and Vonage recommend that homeowners use a land line for their home security. People who use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) programs, like Vonage, experience additional risks... Read More »