How does a payday loan affect your credit?

Answer Payday loans are much easier to get with the advent of online loan services. Although the ability to get cash on short notice may entice you, consider how it might potentially affect your credit.Id... Read More »

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How Does Cosigning on a Loan Affect Your Credit?

People with poor credit or no credit often require a cosigner to gain approval for a loan. Credit bureaus and lenders view cosigners as joint account owners. When someone cosigns for a loan, the cr... Read More »

Does co-signing on a loan affect my credit score?

Yes, cosigning a loan bears you all the responsibilities of the originator of the loan, according to Experian. If there are missed payments on the loan, then both account holders will receive a neg... Read More »

Will a student loan deferment affect a credit score?

On One Hand: Not ImmediatelyHaving a student loan in deferment means you and your lender have arranged to postpone payments for a specific time period. The lender still reports you as in good stand... Read More »

Is a payday loan a personal loan?

A payday loan, also referred to as a paycheck advance, is a personal loan. It is a short-term loan designed to help the borrower cover expenses in an urgent situation, until his next paycheck. Howe... Read More »