How does a nonprofit church group go about getting general liability insurance?

Answer Answer For church insurance, you should go to a company that specializes in churches. This will be more cost effective way, you'll get the appropriate coverages (counseling, abuse, Directors & Offi... Read More »

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Can we as a fiscally sponsored project get our own general liability insurance before we have our own nonprofit status?

You do not need any qualifications to sell General Insurance. However, you do need to be working for an FSA registered company that has a compliance structure. This means that if you do not follow ... Read More »

Where can we get general liability insurance for our all-volunteer nonprofit providing service to communities in other countries?

Did commercial general liability insurance replace comprehensive general liability insurance?

There is no such thing as a "comprehensive" general liability policy. It is "commercial" to differentiate it from personal-lines coverage. It is commercial general liability policy, or CGL; a gener... Read More »

When a General Contractors General Liability Insurance is up for renewal is there a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered under to decide to renew?

No. If you elect to renew coverage two days after expiration, some companies may agree to make coverage continuous (for licensing/contract requirements) but they will likely require you to sign a N... Read More »