How does a muffler work?

Answer All but the hardest core of race cars and street cars have some sort of muffler. These devices exist solely to reduce the sound of the car's engine.TypesMufflers come in two basic types: baffled or... Read More »

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How Can I Modify My ATV Muffler to a Performance Muffler?

Many ATVs come with sensible, noise reduction mufflers installed. However, if you are a performance enthusiast, you know that noise reduction and gas efficiency do not always coincide with performa... Read More »

How long does a car muffler last?

A muffler can last on average up to 100,000 miles. This will vary depending on weather and the area you live it. Living near the ocean or in heavy snow climates is tough on mufflers. Salt exposure ... Read More »

Does a muffler increase horsepower?

An automobile's muffler is designed to reduce engine-generated noise by suppressing exhaust gasses. This suppression will actually reduce the horsepower output of the engine by approximately 10 per... Read More »

How much does a muffler job cost?

For a car muffler, the cost can range between $110 and $218 for after-market parts for a muffler job. It costs an additional $255 to $380 for original equipment manufacturer parts. For trucks, SUVs... Read More »