How does a mint plant reproduce?

Answer Answer It reporduces by growing runners. This plant can be invasive and spread rapidily if the conditions are right. Lots sun and lots water.

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Which type of mint plant has the biggest "mint" smell?

Mentha arvensis or menthol mint is very minty smelling, its used in products that have menthol scent/ flavor. like cigarets, topical analgesics, decongestants (Vicks) and mouthwashes. Peppermint is... Read More »

How do you reproduce a sage plant?

You can divide the whole plant up by root division. Just dig it up and split into as many plants as you want. You can also collect the seed and sow in spring or summer.

Will a hybrid tomato plant reproduce?

Hybrid tomatoes will reproduce and set viable seed, but that seed will not be "true." A hybrid seed will not produce exact replicas of the tomatoes that bore it. Instead, the seed will produce a pl... Read More »

How do you plant mint?

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