How does a microwave turntable work?

Answer Many microwave ovens have a turntable that rotates food during operation. A small electrical motor mounted in the bottom of the oven operates this turntable and helps ensure that food is cooked eve... Read More »

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Is there a Toshiba microwave without a turntable?

Toshiba Japan produces microwave steam ovens that cook food on flat ceramic racks, similar to stone ovens. These ovens have no rotation. As of 2010, these were not available in the United States. H... Read More »

What stops a microwave turntable from running?

When a microwave turntable stops working, troubleshooting the problem is usually easy. The turntable assembly is a fairly simple design and can normally be repaired quickly and inexpensively, once ... Read More »

I want to get my turntable to work by hooking it up to my computer as speakers. Is that possible?

Most phonos (decent ones anyway) have either a ceramic or magnetic cartridge. This puts out a very tiny signal, actually less output than a microphone. So first you need a preamp to boost the lev... Read More »

I have an old record player, but when i plug it in the turntable doesn't spin. How do I get it to work?

check the drive belt, and the safety screws, which you use to lock the turntable down to avoid damage.....undo the 'cir-clip' and look under the platternot forgetting you can get a new bush mtt1, ... Read More »