How does a manager select effective communication channels?

Answer As a manager, an important part of business communication involves selecting effective communication channels for facilitating communications. Communication channels refer to the medium, for exampl... Read More »

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Is virtual pbx solution effective t operate more efficiently and effectively across channels of communication?

Private Brand Exchange (PBX) which is know for virtual pbx is one of the most common phone systems. The innovation of VoIP has made it more popular. pbx phone system can be easily manage, upgrade... Read More »

Communication Fallacies & Effective Communication?

One of the major impediments to effective communication is faulty or fallacious reasoning. A fallacy is any fault in logic or reasoning, or any misconception arrived at by means of faulty reasonin... Read More »

What Are Communication Channels Within an Organization?

Communication allows an organization to coordinate and unify to achieve a common goal, whether the organization is a business, government entity, public service entity or religious group. Three mai... Read More »

How to Calculate Communication Channels?

Communication is central to the successful completion of any project. There is a set number of communication channels between members of any project. Communication channels are merely (communicati... Read More »