How does a magnet affect a magnetic tape recording?

Answer Since analog tape recording utilizes magnetic tape to store data, the presence of a magnet in proximity to a reel of magnetic tape can negatively affect the integrity of the information being store... Read More »

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How do magnets affect a magnetic tape recording?

Magnetic tape is going the way of the eight-track. But with all those cassettes and video tapes out there, it will be around for a few more years if its properly maintained. And though many prefer ... Read More »

What happens if you run a magnet across audio or VCR tape?

Audio and video data are recorded on magnetic tape by using a recording head to align magnetic particles on the surface of the tape in such a way that a playback head can decode the pattern to repr... Read More »

What is a magnetic tape?

According to Absolute Astronomy, magnetic tape is a thin layer of magnetized tape lined with plastic that is used to make either video recordings or audio recordings. Common devices that use magnet... Read More »

What is magnetic tape used for?

Magnetic tape can store digital computer data in binary form--zeroes and ones--or analog data, like an audio or video cassette. Although the methods for different types of data storage are differen... Read More »