How does a magnet affect a magnetic tape recording?

Answer Since analog tape recording utilizes magnetic tape to store data, the presence of a magnet in proximity to a reel of magnetic tape can negatively affect the integrity of the information being store... Read More »

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How do magnets affect a magnetic tape recording?

Magnetic tape is going the way of the eight-track. But with all those cassettes and video tapes out there, it will be around for a few more years if its properly maintained. And though many prefer ... Read More »

What is a magnetic tape?

According to Absolute Astronomy, magnetic tape is a thin layer of magnetized tape lined with plastic that is used to make either video recordings or audio recordings. Common devices that use magnet... Read More »

When adding more paper to a magnet on refrigerator why does it cause the magnet to fall off?

The magnet is losing its magnetic connection to the fridge.

What is magnetic tape used for?

Magnetic tape can store digital computer data in binary form--zeroes and ones--or analog data, like an audio or video cassette. Although the methods for different types of data storage are differen... Read More »