How does a laser work?

Answer They work exactly the same way as a laser pointer does. The electricity excites electrons, that then vibrate at a frequency to emit light. The term laser is derived as an acronymn from "Light Ampl... Read More »

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Will a PS2 laser work in an Xbox?

The Sony PS2 and the Microsoft Xbox were competing game consoles in the sixth-generation era. Each console boasts different abilities, but both rely on their discs to be read by a built-in laser. T... Read More »

Wish to know does laser printer work?

They work by fusing (heating) carbon powder onto the paper. Yes the print is permanent. Although the cartridges are apparently expensive the cost per page is cheaper than inkjets. Laser printers a... Read More »

Does the laser comb work?

On One Hand: FDA Supports Laser CombIn 2007, the FDA approved HairMax's laser comb as a clinically proven hair growth product. This decision was based on a number of scientific studies that showed... Read More »

Does fraxel laser work?

On One Hand: There Are a Lot of Positive ResponsesFraxel laser therapy treats several types of problems of the skin--not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body. Rather than working o... Read More »