How does a laser work?

Answer They work exactly the same way as a laser pointer does. The electricity excites electrons, that then vibrate at a frequency to emit light. The term laser is derived as an acronymn from "Light Ampl... Read More »

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Does a laser printer work on ink?

Does fraxel laser work?

On One Hand: There Are a Lot of Positive ResponsesFraxel laser therapy treats several types of problems of the skin--not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body. Rather than working o... Read More »

How does cold laser work?

When one thinks of lasers, invariably the image of high-powered beams of light used for cutting come to mind. However, the lesser-known cold laser is considerably different from its high-powered c... Read More »

Does the laser comb work?

On One Hand: FDA Supports Laser CombIn 2007, the FDA approved HairMax's laser comb as a clinically proven hair growth product. This decision was based on a number of scientific studies that showed... Read More »