How does a laptop connet to the internet?

Answer You'll need a wireless router unless you can get a wireless connection from someone in your area that is not blocking it.

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I got a Netgear N300 wireless router and before I was able to connet to the internet?

if you RESET it then the wireless password has need to delete the remebered connection from windowsand re-join (type your PASSkey back in)it depends what procedures you followed.and you... Read More »

How do i connet my dsi to the internet help please oh and what is a ssid i already have the router i need help?

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, and its basically the name of your wireless connection. On your dsi there should be an option to search for the name of your router automatcally, then you ju... Read More »

My kindel does not connet to my new bt hub?

Both the Kindle and the hub have to be using the same encryption standard. Chances are your new hub uses WPA while the old one (and your Kindle) used WEP. If you go into the network settings on y... Read More »

How does a laptop connect to the Internet?

Laptop computers can be hooked up to the Internet even when you are away from home. There are several ways to do this, and most of the necessary equipment is built in to the laptop itself.Wi-FiMost... Read More »