How does a hearing aid work in children?

Answer According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, babies as young as 4 weeks can be fitted with a hearing aid or other assistive device. Laws such as the Individuals with Disabilities ... Read More »

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Which Children learn faster deaf children or hearing children?

Neither. Although there are always individual differences, there is no reason to believe that a deaf child would be either more or less intelligent than a hearing child. Studies have shown that whe... Read More »

How Much Do Hearing AIDS Cost for Children?

Prices for hearing aids for children can run anywhere from $200 to over $2000. Cost depends on how advanced the technology is and how compact the hearing device is.Source:Hearing Aids

How is mild hearing loss treated in children?

Usually it isn't. When hearing loss becomes bothersome or problematic, then a hearing aid may be used.In children there can be temporary mild hearing loss due to ear infections (especially otitis m... Read More »

How to Teach Hearing-Impaired Children in Regular Schools?

Whether temporary or permanent, hearing loss in children can have a significant impact on their ability to learn. Hearing-impaired students are attending classes in their community schools more oft... Read More »