How does a guitar strap attach to a guitar?

Answer Guitar straps attach to the body of the guitar. Most guitars have knobs at the rear and near the neck for guitar straps. The straps have a slit in each end to slide over the knobs, and thus hold th... Read More »

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How to Attach a Guitar Strap to an Alvarez Guitar?

If you play your Alvarez guitar while standing, you'll need to attach a strap to the guitar. Most Alvarez guitars will have a strap post on the end of the bridge side of the guitar. Some also will ... Read More »

How to Add a Guitar Strap to Your Acoustic Guitar?

A guitar strap is the thin piece of leather or cloth that players attach to the instrument to allow them to play standing up. For electric guitars, attaching a strap is very easy; there are simply ... Read More »

How to Put on a Guitar Strap for an Acoustic Guitar?

Most acoustic guitars have one strap button (also called an "end pin") on the back end of the guitar. While some manufactures install a second strap button under the neck heel for strap attachment,... Read More »

How to Put a Strap On a Guitar?

Putting a strap on an electric guitar is not hard, but if you are new to the instrument, these steps may help (this is not helpful to acoustic guitars).