How does a guitar make sounds?

Answer A guitar makes sound by vibration--vibration of strings under tension. An electric guitar produces sound differently from an acoustical guitar, even though both guitars' sound originates in tension... Read More »

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Why do different guitar strings make different sounds?

Different guitar strings do sound different, depending on what they are made of and how they are put together. The variations in windings, gauges and materials used will create different sounds.Nyl... Read More »

Guitar Tricks to Make Rock Sounds?

To get great rock sound from guitars, you need to have the right equipment and right settings. The first thing to do is turn up the "gain" control on the amp. This single control will shape your so... Read More »

Is it my guitar or amp that sounds bad?

Is probably the amp usually even a Gibson starter guitar with still sound alright I bought an ibanez as Jam start pack from Guitar Center and it came with a really really bad amp but my friends alw... Read More »

Guitar question pickups produce different sounds?

Not sure how much detail you are looking for. Obviously the most popular pups are humbuckers, standard single coils and P90s. Humbuckers have two single coils side by side and wound in opposing dir... Read More »