How does a gravy separator work?

Answer Nobody wants fat in their gravies and juices. Cooks turn to a kitchen tool called the gravy separator to get the job done. Also known as fat separators, gravy separators perform a tricky function u... Read More »

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Rice and gravy or mashed potatoes and gravy?

What kind of gravy does carls jr use?

If Carls Jr and Norms are restaurants, I would suggest you post re-post your question to the "Dining-Out" Category under your "Country" and "State" and/or closest "listed City". You could also ju... Read More »

What does riding the gravy train mean?

The expression "riding the gravy train" means living a life of luxury, or having a source of easy and plentiful income. The origin of the phrase is from the American slang definition of gravy, whi... Read More »

How thick does gravy have to be before it's considered a meal?

Throw in biscuits and it is a mealYou ever here of SOS you put it over toast or mashed taters?