How does a gin pole work?

Answer According to Broadcast Tower Technologies, Inc. the gin pole is uniquely used for the purpose of erecting towers for a variety of items including broadcast antennas. The gin pole is not in common u... Read More »

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Does the North Pole or the South Pole have no land under it?

The North Pole has no land under it, just the Arctic Ocean, while the South Pole sits on the continent of Antarctica. The thickness of ice at the North Pole depends on the season and weather condit... Read More »

Does a compass point to the North Pole or the South Pole?

The needle in a traditional compass points to the earth's magnetic North Pole. There is also a geographic North Pole that is in a slightly different location. There are some GPS compasses that poin... Read More »

Does the true North Pole match the geographic North Pole?

The geographic North Pole and the magnetic North Pole sit in two different locations. The geographic North Pole lies at 90 degrees northern latitude, while the magnetic North Pole, as of July 2010,... Read More »

How to Do Pole Work with a Horse?

This horse has just rode over a polePolework, or riding over poles, is a good introduction to jumping. It regulates a horse's stride and helps improve your balance and rhythm. Polework is also a go... Read More »