How does a gin pole work?

Answer According to Broadcast Tower Technologies, Inc. the gin pole is uniquely used for the purpose of erecting towers for a variety of items including broadcast antennas. The gin pole is not in common u... Read More »

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How to Do Pole Work with a Horse?

This horse has just rode over a polePolework, or riding over poles, is a good introduction to jumping. It regulates a horse's stride and helps improve your balance and rhythm. Polework is also a go... Read More »

Whenever I spin upside down on the pole at work, my thighs chafe. How can I prevent this?

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In BBC documentaries who went around the world in 80 days journeyed from pole to pole and went full circle around the Pacific?

How to Replace a Single Pole Line Voltage Thermostat With a Double Pole?

Line voltage thermostats control the operation of electric baseboard heaters. The heaters connect to the main service panel with two wires, usually one white and one black, in addition to a ground ... Read More »