How does a fluorescent light bulb light up?

Answer The majority of people in the industrialized world have spent hours working, shopping and studying under fluorescent light. Despite this, fluorescent technology is largely unnoticed in our daily li... Read More »

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How much light does a t-5 fluorescent bulb produce?

At 104 lumens (measurement of light intensity) per watt, the standard T5 fluorescent lamp is a highly-efficient fluorescent light source. The output of a 4 foot T5 lamp produces 2,900 lumens.Refere... Read More »

How long does an average fluorescent light bulb last?

A fluorescent light bulb, also known as CFL, lasts up to ten times longer than an incandescent light bulb, which only lasts about 1,000 hours. A fluorescent bulb also uses about 50 to 80 percent le... Read More »

Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura ?

Yes I have that type of bulb in my room. It's called natural something, and it gives off a more blue-ish hue to the room, as if you had a window open.I forget what they're called but they are more ... Read More »

Does anyone sell a compact fluorescent light bulb with an intermediate e17 base that you can use in a ceiling fan?

Yes. I have seen one local store carry it, and I also found it online at Voss Lighting. (Link below) The only problem is that if you want to have a cfl equivalent to something higher than 60 watts... Read More »