How does a fluorescent light bulb light up?

Answer The majority of people in the industrialized world have spent hours working, shopping and studying under fluorescent light. Despite this, fluorescent technology is largely unnoticed in our daily li... Read More »

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How much light does a t-5 fluorescent bulb produce?

At 104 lumens (measurement of light intensity) per watt, the standard T5 fluorescent lamp is a highly-efficient fluorescent light source. The output of a 4 foot T5 lamp produces 2,900 lumens.Refere... Read More »

What is a compact fluorescent light bulb?

A compact fluorescent light bulb is a type of fluorescent lighting that can be used in most household lamp fixtures. The light bulb uses less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb and h... Read More »

What is inside a fluorescent light bulb?

There are two main parts inside a fluorescent light bulb: a tube (also called the bulb) containing argon and mercury vapor, and electrodes at both ends of the fluorescent tube. The inside of the bu... Read More »

How do I replace a fluorescent light bulb?

Tube Fluorescent BulbsLift, tilt and remove the translucent "diffuser" panel covering the bulb with the light switched off. Grasp the bulb, and turn it clockwise to change the prong's position with... Read More »