How does a flasher relay work?

Answer When you flip the switch on your turn signals, it's only normal to expect them to click and blink once a second. As simple a job as they perform, turn signal relays have a somewhat odd way of doing... Read More »

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How Does a Three Pin Flasher Relay Work?

A three-pin flasher relay works on principles of electromechanics to appropriately power turn and hazard signals on most automobiles manufactured since the late 1930s. Historically, turn signal sys... Read More »

How to Connect a Relay Flasher on a Car?

On most vehicles, the turn signal and emergency lights share the same circuit, electrical connections and light bulbs. This means that if your turn signal is not working, probably your emergency li... Read More »

How to Test a Flasher Relay?

Emergency flashers are essential safety features in our cars or trucks. Flashers, or hazard lights, are controlled by a flasher relay, an plug-in electrical device. If your flashers begin to blink ... Read More »

Electronic Vs. Mechanical Flasher Relay?

Your car's turn signals and emergency flashers operate by a timer that in turn operates a flasher relay. Electronic or solid state flasher relays have several advantages and few disadvantages over ... Read More »