How does a flamingo protect itself?

Answer Flamingos are large, brightly colored wading birds with long legs and a large, curved bill. Native to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, flamingos make their home in shallow lakes and lagoons. ... Read More »

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How does a flamingo defend itself?

The world's six species of flamingoes live generally free of predators, yet still have adaptations for self-defense. Intercommunity squabbling can result in damage to nests and eggs, and at such ti... Read More »

How does an African wild dog protect itself?

African wild dogs are an endangered species living in sub-Saharan Africa. These social creatures protect themselves with the safety of a pack.FeaturesAfrican wild dogs, also known as Cape hunting d... Read More »

How does a red eyed tree frog protect itself?

The red-eyed tree frog, or Agalychnis callidryas, is native to the rain forests of Central and South America. Measuring about 3 inches in length, this small amphibian relies on its brightly colored... Read More »

What does a flamingo symbolize?

In ancient Egypt, flamingos were symbols of the sun. Egyptians believed that flamingos represented the sun god Ra. Flamingos also have been known to symbolize "beauty, balance and grace." In modern... Read More »