How does a father voluntarily terminate his parental rights in Florida?

Answer Answer Laws vary from state to state, please check with a local organization to verify details of the law in Florida.Termination of parental rights is a procedure which the state undertakes in ord... Read More »

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Can a father voluntarily terminate his parental rights in Alabama?

Yes. But it doesn't affect support payments. That is still determined by the state, not EITHER parent.

Can you voluntarily terminate your parental rights in Ohio?

Ohio has laws that allow the a parent to file a Termination of Parental Rights petition.Whether that petition is granted and to what extent is decided by the court based on the individual case circ... Read More »

What to do to voluntarily terminate parental rights and give custody to a family member?

You and the family members go down to the Courthouse and the family member file a "petition for custody" of the child(ren). Then the parents (both of them) do not oppose the petition.It depends eve... Read More »

Can a parent lose custody of a child if parental rights are not voluntarily relinquished or terminate by the court?