How does a doctor install a pacemaker?

Answer A pacemaker is a small battery-powered device that replaces the heart's rhythm. A minor surgical procedure is required to insert the pacemaker, usually under the left collarbone.SignificanceThe hea... Read More »

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My father had angioplasty twice , and his LVEF is 25%, doctor is recomanding for implanting a pacemaker. can a?

Why don't you want your dad to get the pacemaker fitted?!?It's a very simple, straightforward, incredibly safe procedure to have done : it only takes a very short while to put in (i.e. minutes), Al... Read More »

What does DDD pacemaker stand for?

Each D in a DDD pacemaker stands for "dual". The first D means the right atria and ventricle have a pacemaker lead anchored in the heart wall. The second D means the pacemaker senses electrical act... Read More »

How long does the battery last in a pacemaker?

A pacemaker battery should last five to 10 years. The lifespan varies because the pacemaker uses a minimal amount of power when the heart is beating normally. The more defective a heartbeat is, the... Read More »

Does having a pacemaker make you eligible for disability?

A doctor (preferrably the on who did the pacemaker surgury) is the only person that can make a determination that you are partially, or temporarily, or permanently disabled.