How does a digital camera work?

Answer A digital camera takes the light emitted from the photo subject, and focuses it into the image sensor within the camera. Instead of photographic film, a digital camera has a light-sensing grid call... Read More »

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My digital camera won't work! What should I do?

The photos should still be on your card, although you will need a card reader to transfer them to your computer.Be sure to dry out the card before you connect it. It should be fine. I have droppe... Read More »

How does a digital camera work with electricity?

Would a digital camera bought in US work in UK?

Yes, a digital camera bought in the US would work in the UK or any other country for that matter. You would have to buy an adapter to plug into the wall when you use your battery charger (if you us... Read More »

Best digital camera for detailed close-up work?

Close up quality picture is determined by the quality of the Macro Mode, not by the optical zoom.You can have a look at sample taken by a dozen of very recent compact digital cameras on the first l... Read More »