How does a digital camera record light?

Answer A digital camera contains what is known as an Image Sensor. An Image Sensor contains very small silicone chips made up of millions of photosensitive diodes, called 'Photosites'. During exposure the... Read More »

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What does a digital camera use to record images?

How does a digital camera record an image onto its storage device?

Digital cameras are very much like all earlier cameras. Beginning with the very first camera all have been basically black boxes with a lens to gather the light, a wheel you turned to focus the ima... Read More »

Does anyone have a digital concepts 4.1 megapixel camera I lost the instruction book and when i record?

Go to the website for your camera and go to Drivers and Support, and they should have a file to download the manual for your cam.. most companies maintain a good list of those...

Can you use a digital camera to record a video?

Most, but not all, digital cameras will record videos.