How does a computer work?

Answer There is no AI in a PC.All a CPU does is add, subtract, divide & multiply ....very very quickly.Instructions come from software. The software sends instructions to the CPU in binary language (1's &... Read More »

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Does Sims 3 work on older computers or does it require and newer computer?

it needs a shader 2.0 graphic card or higher. so you'll probs need a newer comp.

The sound on my computer does not work.?

Have installed sound drivers? I had the same problem before because I forgot to install my sound drivers.

Does windows XP Pro work on a 64-bit computer?

Any version of Windows XP will work on a 64-bit computer, with one exception: The Intel Itanium processor can only run the IA-64 version of Windows XP. The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP ... Read More »

How does a computer monitor work?

There is a good explanation here:"How CRT and LCD monitors work"…