How does a computer server work?

Answer A company with a computer network has at least one computer server. There are many ways to use a computer server including information administration, Internet monitoring and email gateway.Identifi... Read More »

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What Is the Mail Protocol That Allows the Server to Work With the Computer?

Three email protocols are in common use around the world. One, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, moves email from the sender's computer to the receiver's mail host. From there, two competing proto... Read More »

Can you put a BlackBerry Enterprise server and exhange server 2007 on the same computer?

Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are both programs designed for IT environments for making access to and transfer of information easier. Both may be installed on the same ... Read More »

Does Windows home server work with a Mac?

According to Microsoft, nearly all the features of Windows Home Server, such as saving files and sharing folders, work with the Mac. One feature that does not is the automatic backup; but Mac users... Read More »

How does a server work and what does it do?

A server is a term for a computer that offers 'services' - often to lots of other computers.For example, a web 'server' could be your PC running web server software. A lot of computers running we... Read More »